Responsible Member Of Society

from by Addlepated



I'm not sure who this song's about. At one point I thought it was a hit man. At another time I thought the CEO of a crooked corporation. Could be just about anybody.


I've tried so hard to be
A responsible member of society
But when the money is good
There's no telling who I might be
And when the chips are down
And the fate of the world hangs in the balance
That's when I find I've got no soul
I'll take the cash
And drop my moral code
Like it ain't nothing
I'll take the cash

They'll never break me down
'Cause they'll never figure me out
I hid myself so good I haven't a doubt
Who'd suspect a guy like me
Of crimes against humanity

Don't blame the sun for lighting up the moon
And don't blame me for being smarter than you
Deep down I know where my loyalties lie
Cause cash is king no matter what I have to do
Ain't no one gonna top my - yeah -
Least of all you
But I've got more to say
'Cause on the other hand
I can be a grade A gentleman
I clean up real nice


Hiding in plain sight
With my wife and my kids by my side
They all think I'm nothing but a businessman
My job provides a cover
For teh money coming in
They don't know the real me but that's part of the plan



from Lost In The Snow, released May 23, 2011
Composed and performed by Mike Fox



all rights reserved


Addlepated Portland, Maine

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