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I have a good friend who's an author. I asked her if I could write a song based on one of her as-of-yet unpublished works, and she did one better - she wrote the lyrics for me. That's why these lyrics are so much better than any I've ever written.


Your eyes snared me
Before I knew it'd been done
A single drop of rain
From a sky soaked in sun
And drenched I now am
As the storm carries on
The water keeps rising
But my will to swim is gone

Did you want to hold me under?
Did you want to watch me drown?
Well, it won't be long because this storm's now a maelstrom
And the black is pulling me down

You kissed me so gently
When the deed was done
You smiled so sweetly
It never occurred to me to run
Is taht what you wanted
When you planned your attack?
Me looking in your eyes
As you stabbed me in the back?


What a clever little whore
With your clever little lies
Lure in your prey with a smil
Then trap them between your thighs
How did you ever get so close?
How did I let it get this far?
I've had my share of hurt before
But you were the first to scar


You were sobbing when I saw you last
Crocodile tears flooding those perfect eyes
Your siren song was on your lips
But for the first time, I saw past your guise
I'm through bleeding for you
But I wont try to fight my way free
I'm so far gone and done with the world
So let the world be done with me

Come now and hold me under
Come now and watch me drown
I'm a dead man drowning in a maelstrom
And the black is pulling me down


from Lost In The Snow, released May 23, 2011
Lyrics - M.J. Fifield
Music and performance - Mike Fox



all rights reserved


Addlepated Portland, Maine

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