Lost In The Snow

by Addlepated

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Lost In The Snow is a solo work by Mike Fox. It consists of metal, punk, and rock music inspired by bands such as Clutch, Iron Maiden, The Misfits, and several local Maine and New England bands including Citizen Kane, Covered In Bees, and Pigboat. At the time of the release of this album Mike has joined the upcoming old-school punk band Jimmy Jacked. Look for music and shows coming soon.


released May 23, 2011

All songs written and performed by Mike Fox except "Maelstrom" - lyrics by M.J. Fifield



all rights reserved


Addlepated Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Responsible Member Of Society
I've tried so hard to be
A responsible member of society
But when the money is good
There's no telling who I might be
And when the chips are down
And the fate of the world hangs in the balance
That's when I find I've got no soul
I'll take the cash
And drop my moral code
Like it ain't nothing
I'll take the cash

They'll never break me down
'Cause they'll never figure me out
I hid myself so good I haven't a doubt
Who'd suspect a guy like me
Of crimes against humanity

Don't blame the sun for lighting up the moon
And don't blame me for being smarter than you
Deep down I know where my loyalties lie
Cause cash is king no matter what I have to do
Ain't no one gonna top my - yeah -
Least of all you
But I've got more to say
'Cause on the other hand
I can be a grade A gentleman
I clean up real nice


Hiding in plain sight
With my wife and my kids by my side
They all think I'm nothing but a businessman
My job provides a cover
For teh money coming in
They don't know the real me but that's part of the plan

Track Name: Walk Away
We both know that you don't want to be here
So why do you keep on hanging around?
You could have a life that's better than this one
If you get yourself right out of town

It makes no sense
For you to stay here any more
Let me show you the way out
Just let me show you the door
You can walk away

There was a time when you thought you controlled your life
Now you know that's all in the past
Nothing comes as easy as it once did
And you're always made to feel outcast


We've been friends a real long time now
And I've been known to let a lot of things slide
But this time you've just gone too far
And I've gotta do something to save a little pride

Track Name: My Knife
It's a late night double feature
It's a classic horror show
You came to get the thrill of your life
But you'll get more than you know
When you stumble into my room
Feel the cold chill down your back
You've only got seconds to live
Once I start on my attack

You're gonna die tonight
When my knife
Cuts you deep inside

You came out feeling reckless
Thought you just might take a chance
You're playing a game you know nothing about
Until I caught you with my glance
You came out looking dressed to kill
But you'll be on the receiving end
You've fallen prey to my strength
You're a victim of the damned

Track Name: Lights In The Sky
On a late night drive through the countryside
Trying to keep my eyes open 'til I get home
The hum of the road, hot sticky air
Found my car in a ditch with no service for my phone
I waited a while to see who might drive by
But it'd be morning before they would
So I set out to walk eight miles to town
To find someone to help if I could
I cut through the woods on an old bike path
That had been worn in since I was young
When I came to a clearing I was met by a sight
That stopped me as quickly as a gun

Lights in the sky
Moving at me with tremendous speed
Lights in the sky
My feet planted like they grew from seed

Ships came down and opened up
And these creatures came scrambling out
I was taken aboard and strapped down tight
And I watched to greys scurry all about
Time after that was all a blur
I was on that ship god knows how long
I remember mostly pain, bright lights, and terror
But the doctors assure me nothing's wrong


They put me back in that field sound asleep
Nobody ever knew that I was gone
When I told my story they laughed in my face
And chased me right out of town
Now I've learned to keep my mouth shut
They'll all get their turn
'Cause I know one day when the greys come back
Disbelievers are all gonna burn

Track Name: Maelstrom
Your eyes snared me
Before I knew it'd been done
A single drop of rain
From a sky soaked in sun
And drenched I now am
As the storm carries on
The water keeps rising
But my will to swim is gone

Did you want to hold me under?
Did you want to watch me drown?
Well, it won't be long because this storm's now a maelstrom
And the black is pulling me down

You kissed me so gently
When the deed was done
You smiled so sweetly
It never occurred to me to run
Is taht what you wanted
When you planned your attack?
Me looking in your eyes
As you stabbed me in the back?


What a clever little whore
With your clever little lies
Lure in your prey with a smil
Then trap them between your thighs
How did you ever get so close?
How did I let it get this far?
I've had my share of hurt before
But you were the first to scar


You were sobbing when I saw you last
Crocodile tears flooding those perfect eyes
Your siren song was on your lips
But for the first time, I saw past your guise
I'm through bleeding for you
But I wont try to fight my way free
I'm so far gone and done with the world
So let the world be done with me

Come now and hold me under
Come now and watch me drown
I'm a dead man drowning in a maelstrom
And the black is pulling me down
Track Name: Crazy Glue For My Sanity
It's two in the morning and I can't sleep
I've got these sounds in my head and I can't sleep
It's really freaking me out - it makes my skin creep
I need a glass of water but my knees are too week

The demons in my head come out to play at night
When the world goes quiet and the dark shuts out the light
They drive me to the edge and see what they can make me do
My sanity is falling apart - I need some crazy glue!

Three o'clock arrives and I am tired
The laughter in my head has me wired
Someone screams, I look around, you're still asleep
I need you here to reinforce reality


Now it's four o'clock I haven't slept in days
I know the shadows move when I look away
I'll sure be happy when I see the sun
I'll get another reprieve before I come undone

Track Name: Long Time Coming
It's been a long time coming
I've earned my rest
Now I'm gonna sit right back and
Do what I do best
I'm gonna take care of business
And do nothin' I don't wanna do no more
I've got my guitar
My voice may suck but what the hell am I waiting for?
I'll have a drink then I'll fill the night with my song

I see that river
It's calling my name
I got my rod in my hand and
I'll play its game
I'm gonna take care of business
And do nothin' I don't wanna do no more
I've got my fishin' pole
There's fish in the river so what the hell am I waiting for?
I'll have a drink then I'll fill the night with my song

I got that spirit
Flowin' through my veins
I've been at that whiskey bottle
I'm feelin' no pain
I'm gonna take care of business
And do nothin' I don't wanna do no more
I've got my bottle
There's my cup so when the hell are you gonna pour?
I'll have a drink then I'll fill the night with my song
Track Name: Killing Fields
The scent of yesterday still lingers on this blood-soaked morning
I sweep my gaze across these killing fields against the sunlit dawn
I hold back tears as I contemplace this useless slaughter
I hold back vomit as I remember the things that I've done

The lies that came to me with orders
That I blindly followed
Did I even think to question them?
The death I spoke with my blade and shield
Did they ever deserve it
Could it be? Was it me?
Who had it wrong

The scent of yesterday still lingers on this blood-soaked morning
I sweep my gaze across these killing fields against the sunlit dawn
The fields once green now turned a crimson river thick with bodies
I bathe in glory as I remember the things that I've done

The lies I told to bring this battle
And a the fools who believed in me
I played both sides
And they never suspected
Now the spoils
Belong to me
Track Name: A Place Called Home
Well I'm rollin' on down the highway
With the voice of god in my ear
Preachin' at me through that CB radio,
Grindin' my way through the gears.
The glare of the sun on the road ahead
Shimmers and plays with your mind.
It'd be about enough to drive a man crazy
If his brain weren't as strong as mine.

The waste of the desert expands before me
And it's lookin' real thin at the seams
But the worlds got a long way to go
Or so the voice on the radio says to me

Gone are the days when the world was whole
And you could count on your family and friends
Instead these days there aren't many around
And they all want to fight 'til the end
The air in the city ain't lookin' too good
There's only food left in cans
But here in my desert I keep others away
I won't let them spoil my lands


This desert's gettin' awful crowded
Can't avoid spotting their signs
I hear way up by Montana
A man could lose himself in the pines
I can deal with the cold of winter
If I never have to see another man
So I'll start my run at the break of day
And lay claim to a new set of lands